Doors of Italian Revit model do not open/fade


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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Marvin! Thanks for posting this questions. We already answered it in your support ticket, but here is our answer for other users looking at the same issue:

    Currently, Prospect is designed to recognize doors identified in English with the word Door, we go into a bit more depth on this in the following article: 3D Files with Doors, Windows + Glass

    A couple of options - you should be able to open the English version of Revit for better results, as outlined in the Autodesk resource here

    The current other option/alternative would be to add or rename elements with the word DOOR within the family/category in Revit prior to export. 

    If you or anyone else have any other questions please feel free to reach out either here in the community forum or through submitting a ticket!

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