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    Sam A.

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for the question - after spending some time on the Artec studio help desk, it does not appear that they support the export of any file types that can currently be directly imported into Prospect. 

    In our product roadmap, we continuously work to support more file types to enable more workflows, as well as smoother/simpler ones. One of the next filetypes we'll support is IFC. This could eliminate the Rhino portion of your current workflow, as I know Solidworks can save as IFC. 

    I'd imagine the export formats Artec allows for could very well expand as they continue development as well. Worth noting is that we also already support OBJ and FBX, two of the more common intermediary file types for 3D geometry. 

    Hope this helps! You can always reach someone on our team for in-depth workflow questions if you send a note to, we're more than happy to dig in and provide insight/guidance wherever possible.

    Thank you,

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