Texture Resolution



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    Chase Collins

    I was wondering the same thing. I subscribed a few months ago to do a walk-through of one of our designs and had used a photogrammetry software to recreate the google earth topography of the site. In sketch-up/blender the texture looked nice and crisp but once in VR the resolution was dramatically decreased. Is there a way to manually override the texture size limit somehow? 

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    Shane Scranton

    Hi Chase and Pat - thanks for flagging this. Prospect runs texture compression on large textures from your models, and since most photogrammetry contains very large textures, the compression is much more visible in those files. I've logged this in our system, and we'll plan to roll in a feature in the future that will allow you to adjust texture compression when needed.

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    Tim Lee

    Hi Shane,

    has there been any progress on allowing users to control texture compression because the quality is so bad it's really not presentable at all?

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