I see Prospect only in the left eye of my HTC VIVE


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    Hi Dima,

    Thanks for sharing this - it's certainly a strange issue! I see that you added this comment about a day ago, so I just wanted to ask first if you are still having the issue?

    If no - YAY! Great! Please share any steps you took to resolve it :)

    If you are still having the issue, here are a series of steps to take to make sure everything is up and running well:

    (1) Run the full SteamVR room calibration again

    (2) Reinstall Prospect, via irisvr.com/downloads

    (3) Make sure all your graphics drivers are up to date - this can certainly cause issues!

    (3) Test again by opening an experience within Steam VR and another in Prospect

    If after doing these steps you are still running into issues, please use the Help > View Logs feature within Prospect to send us information so that we can help you further.

    All the best,





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