Alternate Prospect 360 Photo save format, 12-1 type


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    Kyle Mattingly

    Here is the response from Iris VR.  I downloaded both Apps from the playstore and sent them to my Lenovo Solo device, in the Mirage I went to settings to enable 2D apps in the beta version, and after that it was as described.  You can login and then view your sets and also shared sets.  Works great.  Only minor issue, is "exit vr", it wants you to tap the X on your phone which is not really there.  if you hit the home button on the mirage remote it takes to your main page and you have to hop back into the apps.

    Hi Kyle,

    I spoke with one of our Scope developers and he mentioned that he wasn't super familiar with the Mirage but in looking into it further he thinks it may be possible if you can open the regular Scope app in 2D mode. If you can log in there, in 2D mode, and use that interface to download panos, they should be visible in the “Scope Viewer” app.  This is not a workflow we've been able to attempt, however.

    As for other headsets, I definitely understand the iPhone dilemma. You can pick up an older Samsung S6 or S7 for pretty cheap and just use that as a dedicated phone for the GearVR. The iPhone works with the Cardboard as well, but that's definitely not the most comfortable and immersive route.

    Let me know if you can open the regular Scope app in 2D mode though, hoping that will work for you! 


    McGowan Day

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