Non-English Revit layers don't work


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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    I'd like to add that we would prefer to use the family categories of Revit rather than the AIA standards for layer naming.

    If you just use what Revit gives you without converting it to AIA, then you may not have to do any work on languages since you just take the categories as they are named in Revit.

    In Revit, there are also subcategories of families. For example, Doors is the family, but it can have a sub-category for panel, knob and frame. It would be great to have access to closing these subcategories.

    We can make whatever subcategory we wish, so this would be useful for controlling what we show clients, like 3d annotations we could turn on and off.



    Let's not forget we also need to be able to control Revit Worksets, Phases, Design Options and families/subcategories.

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