Remove 'Connecting to Multiuser...' in VR



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    Sam A.

    Hi Dan,

    Is this a file you created or one that was provided to you?

    IVM files are meeting files and will inherently try to connect when you launch them. You may see this notice if you're not connected to the internet or potentially have some firewall in place. 

    If this was a file provided to you, you could request an IVZ instead of an IVM for a standalone experience. 

    This is covered in a bit more detail here: IVZ and IVM Files

    We also have a guide to firewall/proxy/connection settings available here if you're interested as an alternative that could allow you to utilize the IVM without the notice: Firewall, Connection and Proxy Settings

    Hope this helps - if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the team at 


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    Mr Daniel Patrick

    It was indeed provided to me, so that makes sense. Thank you for that. I will request an IVZ file instead!

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