Empathic Design



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    ailyn mendoza

    Hi Samuel -

    Thanks for all the thoughtful information you've posted on the forums today! It's great to hear your feedback on areas to improve and explore further. 

    It's certainly true that these are all valuable scenarios to include in VR although some of them really get to a level of specificity that is best suited for a very custom made VR experience, rather than Prospect's quick conversion. 

    Not too long ago I did speak with a customer who was placing a wheelchair in the VR room to test just like you described above, and with the new height controllers with both the Oculus + HTC you could mimic the height of children within an environment, which I think is a great start that speaks to empathetic design practices!

    It's so exciting the new perspective that all these tools unlock for us as designers!


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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    Sounds good! I think a very flexible height cursor can fill the needs of most designers. A wheelchair mode would be even greater!.

    But this is certainly an exciting field to look into where you only need to do a few changes that can have a large impact of some populations.

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