Revit - Desing Options & Phases



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    Sam A.

    Hi Samuel,

    Absolutely understand this request and support for design options is our radar and product roadmap!

    Our team currently releases a new version update roughly every two months with new tools and improvements, adding utility while maintaining high performance and ease of use. As we support a number of modeling platforms, we strive to provide as uniform an experience as possible with Prospect, regardless of which file format a project comes from. 

    We greatly value insights from all of our users, and in addition to having a number of former architects on staff, we also have a steady stream of AEC industry professionals by our office for input and user testing to help guide features and development.

    Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm adding these details from your message to our development board for my product team.



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    Tanguy Marquis

    I strongly agree with this suggestion. Revit design options are an essential process to how we design. Having to exit out of the VR and switch files instead of having the ability to simply toggle back and forth between design options makes using VR for design critiques ineffective.  

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    Colby Colby

    I'm also looking forward to phasing integration.

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