Models started flickering after windows update



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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Tony, 

    Sorry that you're experiencing this issue. What method are you using to update your Nvidia drivers? Typically, we recommend using the GeForce Experience to make sure that you're installing the correct drivers. 

    Could you please send us one of the files that you're experiencing the issue with to, so that we can rule out any file-specific issues? Thanks!

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    Tony Palmer (Edited )

    Hi Hari,

    The Nvidia drivers were updated by going directly to the Nvidia website and allowing it to autodetect the graphics card. I checked manually that it was the right one before installing.

    As part of the factory reset and rebuild of the laptop, I used the latest 2.1.2 version of Prospect.

    Given that other software we have that uses the Vive headset on this laptop is working fine, I don't think it's the graphics drivers any more.

    This is occurring in all of our models being viewed with Prospect, but is worse in the bigger files.

    I'll send a link to a model to your support email.

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