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    Hari Demirev


    Thanks so much for this feedback, and glad to hear that you've been having success with the software! 

    While bringing 2d files into VR isn't on our roadmap currently, I'll definitely communicate your requests to our team for further review, as I agree that those use cases are compelling! 

    We're working on bringing flying functionality to the Vive, so you should see this in an upcoming release. 

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    Also add cut tool if you are walking in side the model.

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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    A section tools for inside the model would be great. NVIDIA has a prototype where you cut with a section ball. See the following video:


    For 2d documentation, I think the best thing would be to allow users to access heir desktop through streaming and share it. A little bit like "BigScreen" for VR.

    If you know about how many PDFs architects create and store, there is no way you want all that junk in VR. there are thousands of useless PDFs and terrible management systems.

    The only smart long term alternative would be to plug into BIM 360 through Autodesk Forge. there, teams will store versioned versions of the PDFs and live BIM 2D documents.


    This would be extremely useful for any firm using Revit to collaborate on large projects as it would tap directly into the industry's most useful collaboration tools. You could also use it to get the latest version of the Revit model and 2D documentation at anytime.

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    Sam A.

    Hi Samuel,

    These are great resources and suggestions, I've added these requests to our development board for my product team to review. With an upcoming release, you'll be able to hide individual elements in VR, which will help accomplish something similar to the section tool in Real Scale Mode. We also have some updates planned regarding the BIM data from Revit that will be accessible in VR - so if you have any thoughts to share, please send us a message at info@irisvr.com

    Thank you,

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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    Thanks Sam,

    Beyond the section ball/cube, I was thinking that it could be useful to have something similar to the section box in Revit.

    Whether you are in "model mode" or "human mode" as ling as you can float. This would be more sweeping than hiding elements. for example, to get a section view of a wall, hiding element won't work. Generally in architecture, you want to cut to see intersections rather than hide individual components.

    Of course, it could be a bit weird in terms of UI, especially if sharing a space with others since many people would just be left in the void. Perhaps there needs to be a better system for floating around comfortable. Like in one ar VR experience, people move around by putting their hands forward like superman.

    Generally, the section ball/cube void would answer most of my problems, especially if I can change its shape and size.


    I also analyzed the software for about two weeks and left a brain dump here:


    I'm on vacation for another week, so I would be more than happy to chat with your team in the upcoming week if that is something you would be interested.

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