prospect 2.0 lagging



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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Peter, 

    So sorry you're hitting this performance issue. If you'd like to send us your file, we can definitely take a look and help troubleshoot. 

    You can send your file to using a free file transfer service such as WeTransfer. 

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    JC Dionne

    I have the same issue that I am to be presenting to a client Monday. I can send you guys the model for testing hopefully you can figure it out by then. 

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    Sam A. (Edited )

    Hi JC,

    If you could please send a download link for the file to - our team can absolutely troubleshoot and provide some feedback.

    There isn't a maximum file size we allow for, but since Prospect runs locally on your machine, performance is largely based on the hardware of the PC you're running on. If you could please include some information on the hardware specs of the PC when you send the file over, that would be a great place to start!

    Thank you,


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