Lumion Import




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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Mark, 

    Thanks for writing into us. At this time we don't support Lumion experiences, but I'll definitely pass this feedback along to our team. 

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    Awesome, this is marketing leverage you guys could have right now since Lumion doesn't support it! :)

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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    Lumion does not export their experiences and do not want to export their experiences. Their goal is for you to  work in Lumion and to be stuck keeping that work in Lumion. Their CEO also has zero interest in VR beyond 360 images, so stop working with Lumion if that is your hope.

    Everything you can do in Lumion, you can also do in 3ds Max.

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    Ged Trias

    Or go to Twinmotion which does support VR

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