VR Support for Point Cloud



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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Mike, 

    Glad you've been having success using Scope! 

    While Prospect does not support point clouds natively, a workflow we have seen some success with is meshing pointclouds prior to importing to Prospect. A variety of software is available that will allow you to achieve this, ranging from Autodesk ReCap to open source software such as CloudCompare. 

    I would recommend starting a free Prospect trial on our site and testing out these workflows with your own point clouds. If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out at support@irisvr.com and we can help to troubleshoot. 

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    Dave Verna

    The point cloud software we are using has the ability to view extremely large point clouds in the native software. It can be done without meshing. 

    There are (2) current VR applications that can view point clouds and models. 

    I know this is easier said then done but I'd love to have Iris as the third solution to cover this area. I believe there is alot of potential in this space.


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    Tony Palmer

    Another vote for point cloud support.

    We often model new equipment in existing plant rooms that have been laser scanned. We can view the two together in Navisworks to see how the new and existing fit together, but it would be great to do it in VR too.

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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    Since Revit keeps point clouds, but not meshed representations of them, it would be sweet for IrisVr to support raw point clouds somehow.

    Perhaps in the future they could incorporate another software like Atom into Prospect


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    Hi there. I launched the ReCap 360 & this was the pop up "IrisPipe failed with return code 1 INFO --units=Undefined --flag=159 --is-up-axis-y=0 --decimation-error-threshold=1e-08 --decimation-angle-threshold=30 ERROR Unspecified file format .rcp"   DL now the cloudcompare https://www.danielgm.net/cc/ . 

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