Wish: 255 white "light" materials



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    Shane Scranton

    Hi Chris, thanks for this feedback. Do you think there's ever a situation where you'd want the self-illuminated materials to be something other than white? We're thinking that one solution would be to have the "ProspectLight" material name work for any material regardless of color, and it would change the shader to emissive: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/StandardShaderMaterialParameterEmission.html

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    Christopher Grant

    Your suggestion Shane would definitely be preferred as it's more flexible and a great long term solution. I was simplifying it to "white" in an effort to expedite it but flexibility always wins for me.

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    Niko Miettinen

    Have you already got the emissive materials to work and how about mirrors? I was searching a tutorial for them, but couldn't find any.

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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    For Sketchup, I suggest using just the "Emissive" keyword like Enscape does so that the model for Enscape also works for Iris.


    For Revit, there is a material property for emissivity.


    Indeed, there are other emissive color than white. For example: a computer scree with an image or a colored enclosed lamp shade. Signage models are often emissive.

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