Doors & Trees



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    Sam A. (Edited )

    Hi Simon, thanks for the feedback!

    • A trick we like to suggest for doors- we automatically recognize any doors in the door family in Revit and group them in a Layer in Prospect. If you want to turn doors off for easier navigation, you can simply use the toolbar to toggle off the layer that contains them.
    • Regarding the trees present in your model, if these are RPC assets - we currently don't import the "realistic" styles from these assets, but it is a frequent request and is on our future roadmap. The best workaround I can suggest in the short term is to import custom 3D assets into Revit in place of the RPCs. It's worth noting that these assets do have the potential to significantly slow down Revit, therefore we don't recommend using them in excess, but this will work if needed.
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    Ryan Rankin

    What custom 3d assets work best for trees and cars in Iris?

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