Feature Request: Paper Model Mode




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    Geoff Briggs

    Archicad has this as a feature within its Cinerender (C4D) rendering engine. And yes, it's great in early design.



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    Ray Facer

    clay model (paper model)

    Rendering programs as Thea Render allow a "Clay Render" option.

    This suppresses display of all materials so it looks like a "paper model" as requested.

    The following article may provide some clues as to how to achieve the "clay model (paper model) effect in SketchUp.



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    Shane Scranton

    In our latest release of Prospect v1.1.0 last week we announced a schematic override toggle and a black outline toggle. We're still researching these features so I'd love to hear your feedback. While in the model, you can override materials by tapping the "M" key on the keyboard. This will make all solid materials turn to matte white, and transparent materials will stay the same. 

    Toggle black outlines on and off using "O" on the keyboard.

    Thanks for the comments on this!

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