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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Geoff, 

    Thanks for your note! While we are aware of the demand for native Archicad support by our users, and the market of Archicad users who would potentially benefit from VR, an Archicad integration is not on our short term roadmap at this time. We do hope to have a native integration in the future. 

    In the interim, we recommend the SketchUp export workflow that I'm sure you're already familiar with, detailed here

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    Geoff Briggs

    Replying to my own comment here:

    The ideal export workflow from Archicad would be using the Publisher feature. That way multiple views could be saved to Prospect, similar to SketchUp scenes, and the whole export set could be saved, edited, and shared for easy replication as the project progresses.


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    Geoff Briggs

    Bumping this thread because it's almost two years later and we are still patiently waiting for ARCHICAD support. Please show us some love. Thanks.

    Geoff Briggs

    DeForest Architects, Seattle


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    Geoff Briggs

    I'm sorry to hear that Hari. The ARCHICAD community is very tight and very loyal. Iris is in a great position to tap into that.

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