Rhino Glass



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    George Valdes

    Hi Westin, 

    We followed up separately on this but I'll address your points here too just in case others run into the same question.


    • Grasshopper plugin - Currently, we have a couple of beta-testers using our direct-from-Rhino plugin, the interface you're describing here with Rhino is really with our Grasshopper plugin. We'll look into making the process clearer when working with glass materials.
    • View Setting - The Grasshopper plugin actually doesn't reference any view settings from Rhino. It simply exports an OBJ file that has its materials mapped accordingly.
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    Shane Scranton (Edited )

    Hi Westin - I'd be curious to know if you're still having issues with Rhino glass in the latests build (v1.0.2). Does it display properly now for your files?

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    Patrick Keegan

    We typically apply materials with Vray for Rhino and find that they are persistent and work well in the Prospect environment.

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