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    George Valdes

    Hi Todd, 

    Thank you for noticing the hard work! Face direction in models is definitely a nuance in modeling practices that is difficult to fully automate. I will say however that we have done a lot of investigation into how to make this experience smoother so you don't have to go back and flip faces. Over time, you shouldn't have to do much work on your end. If you come up with interesting techniques feel free to share!


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    Todd B Smith

    I'm just starting to experiment with Prospect and Sketchup, and I gotta say, It looks great so far. It is obvious that great attention was paid to making the process very simple and easy. It just works! I am having to go back through some of my models to flip faces in order to have them show up properly in Prospect, but I consider that a problem with bad modeling practices, not a fault with Prospect itself. Keep up the great work!

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