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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Derek, 

    Our software will attempt to install the Revit add-in each time Prospect is launched, but in order for the installation to operate correctly Revit must be closed at the time of installation. It's possible that Revit was open at the time of the original installation, which caused the install of the add-in to fail. 

    I'd recommend closing Revit and all other modeling platforms, then closing Prospect, and then re-opening Prospect with Revit closed. The add-in should install and appear in Revit in the Add-Ins tab. 

    If you're still having issues after trying these steps, please send us your logs from within Prospect by going to Help > Report Issue. You can also email us at, and we can set up a remote troubleshooting session to determine the root cause of the issue. 

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    Soumik Pal

    Hi Hari,

    I have the same issue as Derek and following your steps didn't change anything unfortunately. Is there some other way to install this plugin so we can test IrisVR?

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