IrisVR with Grasshopper Object



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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Yuchen, 

    Currently, this functionality is not available with our Grasshopper add-in. Each time you load a file into Prospect, we process the geometry to make sure that your experience in VR is extremely smooth, limiting discomfort and nausea. With the current computing power available on most consumer machines, we wouldn't be able to make these changes on the fly without disrupting the VR experience.

    We've tried to mitigate the hurdles involved with iterating through your designs by making the file import process extremely quick and seamless, so hopefully re-importing isn't too much trouble when you have to update your Grasshopper object. 

    Ideally, sometime in the future we'll be able to allow you to see changes in your model immediately reflected in VR. 

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