Not following stairs and curbs in walk mode



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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Dave! 

    Happy to provide some additional information on navigation within VR! 

    While you are able to "walk" in Prospect using the triggers on your controller, we typically discourage this mode of navigation as it may cause nausea. Our recommended navigation mode is teleporting within Prospect, which you can do using the 'A' button on the Xbox controller. 

    You won't be able to walk up/down stairs within Prospect, but you can set up viewpoints (scenes in SketchUp) on different floors for navigation, or simply use the teleportation tools to navigate between floors. 

    Let me know if there's any further clarification I can provide. 

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    Dave Hoehne

    Forgot to mention I'm using Oculus Rift with Xbox controller.


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    Dave Hoehne

    Thanks Hari. I guess that would be fine if I just stopped at the top of the stairs but levitating out over them and trying to get back to the ground is also very unsettling for our viewers and makes them a little queasy. I am trying to walk up/down bleachers in a stadium which our clients will want to do.

    I would suggest bringing the ability to traverse stairs back. Maybe it's a toggle allow/disallow thing. Most of the viewers aren't interested in walking everywhere anyway but there are some places I need to be able to get over curbs also.


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    Hari Demirev

    Definitely understand, I'll pass this feedback along to our team! 

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