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    Hari Demirev

    Hi Philip, 

    Just wanted to echo my email notes to you in case anyone else has the same question. As of Prospect 1.6.0, we auto-detect glass in your model (as determined by its alpha value or transparency) and style it to be reflective. Because we don't currently support reflectivity in our materials in a general sense, this is an interim solution to add a greater level of realism to the in-VR experience. 

    We have heard from some users that they'd like the ability to disable this feature, and this has been passed along to our team for potential future implementation. 

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    Philip Richardson (Edited )

    Thank you for the information Hari, I look forward to the development of glass moving forward.

    In the meantime, I have another question regarding Revit materials in IrisVR. In Revit, I have a PNG of a tree mapped onto a surface replicating the tree geometry. In Revit I use the position transforms of the Texture Editor to align the PNG to the correct place. Here are the transform settings used for the image in the Revit material dialogue:

    Any idea how to get IrisVR to read the Transform settings from Revit materials with linked textures?

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    Sam A.

    Hi Philip,

    Could we please get you to send us a file with trees exhibiting this behavior? It would be great to have our engineers do a deeper dive to get a better idea of what exactly is causing this issue. If possible, you can send a download link or file to me directly at 

    Thank you!

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    Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

    Hi Sam,

    Is this still the case? Will our frosted glass be ignored?


    Thank you!


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