Point Cloud Integration for Revit Exporter



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    Jarod Prior

    I am new to Iris VR but i believe that only the information that lives inside the local Revit file will export. Anything referenced or linked (including point clouds) will not export over. I know that Faro and other scanning companies are working on VR and Faro has a solution its just not released yet.


    On another note if you convert your point cloud to a mesh you can import that into Revit and it should be visible. Only thing is it looks like "melted chocolate" or like google earth VR. Not clean but can convey what you need to convey.

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    Martin Powell

    If a Revit link is shown in your model, it will export through to Iris VR. The mesh option is one we've considered but isn't really an ideal workaround... The context provided by the point cloud is much better before it gets triangulated.

    Would be good to get a response from someone from Iris VR... but this has been up for a couple of months without response so I'm not holding my breath.

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