A bit expensive



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    Bjorn Myrene

    I agree on this. I really love this software, and I use it for personal projects. I would love to have access to the Pro features, and are willing to pay for it. But $200/mo is way too expensive for personal use.

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    Benjamin M Steinert

    I think $200/mo is fair if all features included are needed, and that value increases with advanced features like the multi-user interface that is coming. But what if the tools were divided into modules that could be independently subscribed to? Just a rough idea of what the module breakdown could be:

    1. Model Info tools (layers currently) $25
    2. Rendering tools (light/shadow controls currently) $25
    3. Markup tools (same currently) $25
    4. Review tools (screenshots currently) $25
    5. Advanced tools (mulit-user interface and etc) $100

    This would give you insight as the developer which tools are the most used and which tools could be made more appealing.

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    Antoine Leriche

    I agree with Daren, I love the app and the rendering quality is superior to others, and the interface is clean and professional looking. But, $200/month is too much money for a small one person design consulting. I have used it to show clients their design, and it's always a big hit. But I end up spending at most 1/2 hr. in VR a month, between myself and the clients, $200 for that is not reasonable. 

    I can see a big design firm with many clients and projects getting their money out of it. Because they will be in VR several hrs. a month. 

    Thank you for allowing me to still use the free version, there are other options out there that are less expensive, but not as well designed overall. They still don't match the quality but are catching up with every upgrade. Maybe you could have a pay per use system, based on the time you actually use the software... keep up the good work!


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