How to get it to work?



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    ailyn mendoza

    Hi Ash,

    Thanks for letting us know you are having this issue - you are correct that after the trial period a user has the option to continue using Prospect Pro or Prospect Basic (which is our free tier). In your case, you still have time in your trial so it appears something atypical is happening. 

    Would you be able to try these steps out for us?

    1. Log out of the Prospect software on your desktop machine
    2. Go to and log out of the website (if you are logged in)
    3. Refresh your browser page and log back into the website user portal
    4. Open Prospect software on your desktop machine and log in once more

    Ever so often there could be an issue with your account information not syncing up properly and as a result cause problems like this. If the steps above do not solve the issue please let us know and we can provide further support to get you started.


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    HI Ailyn,


    Tried the 4 steps above and couldn't get it to move beyond that screen.

    If the error information is correct, the logon seems happy enough to recognise that I've already subscribed.

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    Still no joy here.  So here does one sync up properly the account information?

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    Sam A.

    Hi Ash,

    Since this issue prevented you from being able to utilize your trial of Prospect Pro, we've gone ahead and reset your Pro trial period. If you log out and log back into Prospect now, you should notice that this error has been resolved and you have the 3 full weeks to test out our Prospect software. I apologize that we didn't get back to you on this matter sooner, if you have any additional questions or concerns please follow up with us via email at 

    Thank you!


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